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This page last updated: 2 July 2014

NaNoWriMo 2013
2 July 2014

For the second time, last year, Hazel took part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and wrote another 50,000 word novel, "Wet Luck" in just one month.  Her two free printed copies have just arrived.  As you can see from her acknowledgements, she wasn't short of other critical things to do at the time, so it represents quite a feat of concentration.

Wet Luck, front cover
Wet Luck, the blurb
Wet Luck, acknowledgements

The Solution
9 May 2013

It's been a while since we've posted one of Hazel's compositions here.  She spent a long time editing the video for this one.

Mummy's Birthday
10 December 2012

For mummy's birthday Hazel made her a model of Alice doing Tai Chi, which actually stands up, though it was too difficult to photograph that way:

Tai Chi model

...and a card that was well covered in stick-on bling (apologies for the blurriness of the scan but the bling was awfully thick):

Birthday card, front
Birthday card, front

High Road
13 November 2012

During half term Hazel recorded her latest composition with her guitar teacher.  Aside from the electric guitar you can hear, it is all her composition, playing and singing.

Daddy's Birthday
13 October 2012

Daddy asked for egg cups for this birthday and so Hazel painted four for him:

Painted wooden
          egg cups

From left to right the themes are moths, Ramone, eggcellence and steam trains.

He also got a card:

Birthday card for dad 2012
Birthday card for dad 2012

30 July 2012

Hazel has published a work in progress - just a segment from her first tune on the Liuqin.  She's having some trouble with recording quality so a microphone and stand are needed before she can finish.

Fathers Day
17 June 2012

For Fathers Day this year Hazel made daddie Champagne Truffle Ice Cream, with real champagne and real champagne truffles in it, served in a Hot Tub. It was very yummy.

Champage Truffle
          Ice Cream in a Hot Tub

More Songs
27 May 2012

Hazel has published two more songs.  First is To Do List where the riff is probably her best yet.

Then an expression of one of her obsessions, Backwards Song.

Polymers Song
7 March 2012

Hazel has been revising chemistry and decided to write a song about polymers, partly as an aide memoir and partly because it was more fun than revising chemistry.  Leo is behind the camera.

7 March 2012

Last November Hazel wrote a 50,000 word novel as part of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  We thought this was rather amazing: not too much pre-planning, meet the daily word count and the result has a rather good twisty-turny plot.  It must be all that training in FanFics that did it.  Anyway, she gets 5 copies of the actual novel, with cover designed by her, all 155 pages of her stuff.

Front Cover
Back cover

Doodle From Form
27 January 2012

In her free time during her "form" class at school Hazel often spends her time doodling.  This is her most recent doodle, on the back of a scrap of A4 paper.  We wonder what a psychologist would make of it.

Doodle from Form

Jenny's Birthday
16 January 2012

Hazel made Jenny a rather marvellous small comic book for her birthday this year.  It is set in Jenny's flat in Glasgow (which has a transparent dome in the ceiling), involves popcorn and chilli (Jenny's favourites) and also involves her neighbours, who's son collects Harry Potter wands.  Click on the cover below to read it.

Night Of The

Spiral Doodle
19 October 2011

For the last two years Hazel has been working, on and off, on this spiral doodle.  She has kept it in her "unfinished things" file to return to.  Now it is done.


Daddy's Birthday
9 October 2011

For his birthday this year Hazel made daddy a chrysalis in which were stashed several home made cookies in the shape of butterflies.  The chrysalis is based on that of Nelson, who stayed with us a few months ago.  The cookies were really yummy and the chryalis itself looked marvellous.

The chrysalis
                      original chrysalis of Nelson
The cookies inside
An adult butterfly is born

Father's Day
20 June 2011

For Father's Day this year Hazel made daddy a moth, complete with video camera mounted on its wing:

                  Father's Day moth

...and a card that represents his most recent purchase, a watch that doubles as a mobile phone (the blue lozenge is visible through a cut-out on the front page).  Proper Dick Tracy stuff.

Father's Day card, front page
Father's Day card, inside page

16 June 2011

Daddy recently bought Hazel a Stylophone, instrument of the early seventies.  First she messed around with the voices.

Then she was inspired by Brett Domino to attempt a Rolling In The Deep cover with music video.

Leo's Birthday
27 April 2011

Hazel has spent the last year writing Leo an 80-page guide to the High School, which he will be attending after the summer.  She gave it to him for his birthday this year; click on the icons below to read it (in four segments).

                          School Guide pages 1 to 25
High School Guide pages 26 to 50 High School Guide pages 51 to 75 High School Guide pages 75 to end

She also made him a sort of pop-up birthday card.  She made it in school, so it would usually not be allowed on her gallery, but she did make it for Leo, so we're letting it in.  Click on the image below to see her describe it.

Hazel showing the birthday card she made
                          for Leo.

Mood Music
21 April 2011

Hazel recorded her latest thang with Mr Matthews today.  Here it is:

We also had a bit of a fight with our waterpistols, which Hazel decided to video with Jenny's waterproof camera for dramatic effect:

Half Term Holiday Makings
23 February 2011

Hazel and Leo were bored at the start of the half term holiday and decided to make a film based on two characters they had made up while chatting at bed time: Captain Sheep and Lady Smile Pop.  As is normal, it is somewhat difficult to follow but they do a good job of swapping characters.

Equally usually, there is a bloopers and outtakes reel:

Christmas Song
18 January 2011

Hazel made up this Christmas song which she performed in her music class at school towards the end of last term.  She is singing of wanting to still be a child at Christmas.

18 January 2011

Hazel has made various Christmas presents and Jenny's birthday present over the last few weeks.  As a Christmas present for daddy she made a T-shirt, harking back to a previous Father's Day present:

Hazel's Christmas present
                        to daddy

For mummy she made a chocolate box:

Hazel's Christmas present
                        to mummy

For Leo she made a T-shirt also, this time echoing his favourite saying:

Hazel's Christmas present
                        to Leo

For Jenny, meanwhile, she made an extremely full album of photo's, so full that it's too difficult to display here.

Then for Jenny's birthday she made, at Jenny's request, another T-shirt reflecting Jenny's favourite things:

Jenny's birthday T-shirt

9 January 2011

Hazel and her friends take it in turns to make video blogs which they don't usually publish to others.  However, she rather liked doing this musical one and so it is available here:


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