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This page last updated: 16 June 2013

Father's Day
16 June 2013

With some help from Hazel (who herself provided a Banoffee Pie), Leo made daddy a picture of Ramone to hang on the wall of his house:


Mummy's Birthday
10 December 2012

Leo made mummy a card for her birthday:

Birthday card, front
Birthday card, inside
Birthday card, back

Daddy's Birthday
13 October 2012

Leo made daddy a card for his birthday:

Birthday card for daddy Birthday card for daddy

He also joined in the egg cup theme by purchasing daddy a lovely blue emu egg cup.

Fathers Day
17 June 2012

For Fathers Day this year Leo made daddie a very honest card.

Fathers Day Card 2012

Hazel's Birthday Shotgun
27 November 2011

In an echo of a chocolate shooting gun that he once made for mummy, Leo made Hazel a chocolate eclair-shooting shotgun for her birthday.

The chocolate eclair-shooting shotgun

Father's Day
20 June 2011

For Father's Day this year Leo made daddy a card:

Fathers day card, front page Fathers day card, inside page Fathers day card, signature page

...and bought him a rather tasty box of completely alcoholic Belgian chocolates.  Mmmm.  Given the wording on the card (Hobgoblin, Tanglefoot), do we detect a theme?

16 April 2011

Leo was given a black notebook with unruled pages and drew some typically boyish doodles in it during his school trip to Shropshire last week.  Click on the image below to hear him describe them.

Leo's describing his recent drawing in the black book

Half Term Holiday Makings
23 February 2011

Leo and Hazel were bored at the start of the half term holiday and decided to make a film based on two characters they had made up while chatting at bed time: Captain Sheep and Lady Smile Pop.  As is normal, it somewhat difficult to follow but they do a good job of swapping characters.

Equally usually, there is a bloopers and outtakes reel:

Leo has also made a comic using the facilities of the Lego website.  It is from  and is about a guy who is running away with a diamond, being chased by police.  Curiously, Leo insists he's a goodie.  There may be more comics to come.

Leo "the runner" page 1
Leo "the runner" page 2 Leo "the runner" page 3
Leo "the runner" page 4 Leo "the runner" page 5

Elephant Hibernation Bedroom
5 February 2011

Leo has made a hibernation bedroom for at toy elephant. Click on the image below to hear David Attenborough give a brief tour.

Leo's elephant hibernation bedroom

18 January 2011

Leo has made various presents over Christmas.  He made daddy a remote control ('cos he knows daddy seems to like collecting them):

Leo's Christmas present to daddy

It comes with a warning: don't press the "bomb" button.  He made Jenny a tub of popcorn because he knows she likes it so much:

Leo's Christmas present to Jenny


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