Trevor's Songs

Singing silly songs was a habit of Rob's dad, Trevor.  He was a founder member of Ystrad Mynach Male Voice Choir and, as one might expect in South Wales, singing was common in social gatherings (specifically at the pub after whatever).  A few years before he died, back in the late 80's, Rob asked him to record for posterity all the songs he would usually sing at home.  The old Boots-brand cassette he used was already 20 years old at this point, but it has survived another 25 years to be transferred to disk.  Rob's tried to process the recordings to remove some of the tape hiss but they remain somewhat bassy.

Anyhow, for posterity, here are all the songs from the tape in MP3 format.  Just a reminder of the copyright notice on the opening page of this web-site - if you would like to use any material here, you must ask us first. Thanks.

After Football
All Scream For Ice Cream
Aunty Liza
Beer Is Best
Berlington Bertie
Church Yard Wall
Don't Do That To The Poor Puss Cat
Don't Go Down The Mine Dad
Far Far Away
Girly Girly
Glorious Beer
Grandfather's Clock
Grandfather's Whiskers
Great Big Wheel
Hold Your Hand Out, You Naughty Boy
I Shan't Patch Your Waistcoat Any More
If She Belonged To Me

Just Like The Ivy
Lets All Go Down The Strand
Look At His Whiskers
Mary Ellen
McNamara's Band
New Year Bells
Oh Mr Porter
Our Lodger
Over The Garden Wall
Push The Perambulator John
Put Me Amongst The Girls
Riding On Top Of A Car
Sarah's Got A Baby
Show The Germans That They Ain't Afraid Of Us
Sunday Pantaloons

Sweet Katie Connor
Tchk Era
The Same Way Home
The Spaniard
There Were Three Crows
They're Building A House
Tickle Me Timothy Quick
Waiting At The Church
What's The Reason Daddy?
When Father Papered The Parlour
When I Die
Where Did You Get That Hat?
Who Were You With Last Night?
Won't Catch Me On The Gee Gee's Back Again
Yours For Ever, Joe

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