Space Friends


Space Friends

Family was visiting for a few days and I wasn't sure if my bedroom was free to use. Since I wasn't able to access my computer to do work, I decided to improvise a short stop-motion animation out of a National Geographic magazine lying in the freely accessible spare room. Check out the finished video below!

Set Up and Equipment

9-12 September 2020

A collection of supplies used to make the animation

Shower speaker

USB mic

Phone holder attached to a cupboard door

Filming was pretty straightforward. All I had to do was attach my phone holder to a moveable surface (in this case a cupboard door that I could open and close) and start filming! The phone holder made it easy to adjust the camera angle of each Smartphone shot.

Other filming supplies included:

  • National Geographic Magazine - the film's backdrop and inspiration.
  • Scissors - for dismantling the magazine.
  • Blu-tack - for holding characters in place during filming.
  • Zoom Portable Audio Recorder - for recording sound effects (e.g: page turns).
  • Swanee Whistle - for creating the sound effect when the sun/ball goes AWOL (at 0:32).
  • USB Mic - for recording the Morph-reminiscent intonation noises as a voiceover directly into Final Cut Pro.
  • Shower Speaker - I used the suction cup of the speaker to record a light popping sound added to the audio when the transporter lightning appears.

The Result

12 September 2020

The hardest part of making this animation was getting the sound right. I spent a long time walking around the house sticking and unsticking my shower speaker to various surfaces (much to the amusement of my cousins) before realising that I could simply make a pop noise with my mouth! I chose to include both sounds in the final video (e.g: 0:32) to reinforce the sound, but it was still a useful exercise in thinking about sound design.


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