New Moths Found on 09 May 2004

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We thought we'd have a go at putting the trap out on a fairly damp weekend in early May.  May is the earliest you'll see any moths in the UK and in early May we weren't sure we'd get anything at all.  There was a warm wind, but it wasn't at all sunny.  We found only four moths, but two of these were a pair of absolutely stunning Lime Hawk Moths. We thought they could possibly be male and female, but the main thing the male has that the female doesn't is green colouring which shows up much better next week (see here).  Amazing creatures, especially when they're so sleepy that they'll happily stumble around Hazel's hand while she shows them the rest of the garden. The other two were small Double Square-spots (as seen previously).

Lime Hawk Moths (male and female?)Lime Hawk Moth (male?)Lime Hawk Moth (female?)

Notice how the antenna is folded back while the moth is sleeping.  Neat.

 Lime Hawk Moth with antenna folded                

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