New Moths Found on 15 October 2005

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Spurred on by a comment on the Birdforum butterfly ID pages, we've decided to continue trapping whenever the weather allows during the autumn/winter months.  It is, in any case, a very extended summer this year with the temperatures in the early teens of Celsius last night.  We didn't expect a large catch, but we hoped for new varieties and this we certainly achieved.  In fact, the only two moths in the trap that we had seen before were a worn Large Yellow Underwing and another Underwing which was too worn to sensibly identify.

Otherwise there were eight occupants representing three species new to us.  Most impressive was the Green-brindled Crescent with its beautiful imitation of a lichen-ridden piece of bark.  This was followed by The Satellite with its delicate spots.  Finally there were four Barred Sallows.
Green-brindled CrescentThe SatelliteBarred SallowGreen-brindled CrescentThe Satellite

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