New Moths Found on 25 June 2005

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The very warm weather had retreated somewhat today, leaving us with a night in the early-teens centigrade.  We didn't have high hopes for the catch but it turned into one of our best ever - no less than four Elephant Hawk Moths in the trap, one Small, the others standard.  The other new arrival was a very cuddly female Buff Ermine (the male is yellower and can be seen here).

As usual, the bulk of the trap contained Heart and Dart and other standards included Shuttle-shaped DartBright-line Brown-eye, Uncertain, Common Quaker, Light Brocade, Scoparia pyrallela, Pinion-streaked Snout and then one each of Large Fruit-tree Tortrix, DaggerUdea olivalis, Common Footman (first of the year) and Light Arches.  We managed to photograph the single representative of Large Yellow Underwing this time (previously seen here).  Worth photographing were what we think is a Light Emerald (rather than the Small Emerald, with the darker edge on the lines across its body), a particularly fine example of Least Carpet (previously seen here), an Oak Beauty agg. (previously seen here), and in amongst the crowd one fine example of Double Square-spot.  Finally, there were two that have been rather difficult to identify but which we think are a melanistic Marbled Minor agg without its white bits and then an Oligia agg (Rufous or a Marbled/Tawny Minor, the Marbled Minor previously seen here).

Small Elephant Hawk Moth Elephant Hawk MothElephant Hawk Moth - the pink markings are very strong in this oneElephant Hawk Moth, pink grub-like body Buff Ermine (female) Large Yellow Underwing Double Square-spot Light Emerald Oak Beauty agg. Least Carpet Marbled Minor Agg without its white bits One of Rufous, Marbled or Tawny Marbled Minor

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