New Moths Found on 1 May 2005

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This was actually our second trapping of the year, the first on 14th April producing just one double square spot hence not worth reporting.  This was the warmest weekend of the year so far, though punctuated by a very loud thunderstorm.  Only a handful of moths in the trap, though all fine examples.  Main one is the Muslin Moth shown below, an early riser that appeared in our trapping in mid May of 2004.  This time we got to see it's underside as well - a lovely fluffy spotty creature with orangey hair around it's "thighs".  We also had a few particularly fine examples of Hebrew Character (which is easily confused with the Double Square-spot).  Finally, there's Esperia sulphurella (thanks to Harri Jalava for the ID).
Muslin MothMuslin Moth, wings spreadMuslin Moth, underside Hebrew Character Esperia sulphurella

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