New Moths Found on 6 June 2004

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Summer's here properly now.  Probably 50 moths in the trap with a lot of variety, though Heart & Dart comprised a good 20%.  Pictures of the interesting ones below, particularly impressive on this occasion being the Buff Tip, which looks exactly like a small piece of broken off twig.  Others who's photo we've not included here ('cos we've seen them before) are the Pinion-streaked Snout and The  Flame.  The bulk of the identifications here are with thanks to those on the bird forum moth discussion list.  Thanks guys!

The other catches were:

Buff Tip Campion Light Brocade
Heart & DartHeart & Dart, showing the single eyebrow that makes it easy to identify Common Swift
Marbled Minor Common Swift (worn) Large Nutmeg Large Nutmeg The Shears (worn) Rustic Shoulder-knot Large Nutmeg
Epinotia bilunana Shuttle-shaped Dart (Male) Common Swift
The Shears Large Nutmeg Clouded Silver
Garden Pebble Mottled Pug Udea olivalis

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