New Moths Found on 24 July 2004

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A good catch, of which I'm only going to give the highlights here.

Most interesting was the creature on the top row here - a Pebble Prominent.  It sits with it's legs stuck out at the front, just like a dog, and this arrangement makes it looks very much like the traditional smear of bird dropping.  There were a load of Yellow Underwing in the trap, and I managed to catch a rather nice head-shot of one where you can see it's tongue just visible.   Thanks to Angus T and Surrybirder for help with the IDs.  The other catches were:

Pebble Prominent in bird-dropping mode Pebble ProminentBroad-bordered Yellow UnderwingBroad-bordered Yellow Underwing head-shot Olive Cloaked Minor Straw Underwing Dun-bar (somewhat faded)

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