New Moths Found on 1 August 2004

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A perfect mothy night - hot and still.  Only the new catches are indicated here, though I took the liberty of putting in another picture of a Yellow Shell (caught previously here) 'cos it came out so well.

Main highlight was the Ruby Tiger.  Very bright red tiger-striped body, and quite a vividly visible moth as it flew away across the lawn.  Thanks to Angus T, Surrybirder and Mike Wall for help with the IDs.  The other catches were:

Ruby Tiger Copper Underwing Agg (could be Svenssons, not easy to tell) The Phoenix Endotricha flammealis - I didn't think it was, but others advise me that it is a worn version Cloaked Minor Yellow Shell
Pseudargyrotoza conwagana Gold Triangle Euzophera pinguis Trachycera advenella

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