New Moths Found on 18 July 2004

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The British summer continues.  Actually, a reasonable night but as we went out to the trap in the morning it began to rain. 50ish moths in the trap, this time with the Common Footman and Riband Wave predominating, plus Common Quakers, Bright-line Brown-eyes, Dot Moths and Yellow Underwings with just a few Heart & Dart and Arches Agg.  Even though we've seen one before, we've included a picture of a Scalloped Oak here because it came out so nicely.  On the smaller side, there were a number of Pinion-streaked Snouts and another female Bee Moth.

We caught two very nice Sycamores, yet another moth that looks very like an Arches, Brocade or Nutmeg.  The distinction this time is that it's really furry and quite silver in colour.  Most impressive on this occasion was the Early Thorn.  Just for information, there is also a Purple Thorn which looks the same except that it holds its wings even more upright and slightly parted even when resting.

The Phlyctaenia coronata was quite an attractive moth, as was the rather new-looking sample of Least Carpet. Then we hoovered-up a few tiddlers in the form of Agapeta hamana, Acleris forsskaleana and one of the Scopariinae pyralids, probably Eudonia mercurella.  Thanks to J Duffie and Angus T on the bird forum moth ID list for identifying these and putting me right on the Sycamore.

Early Thorn The Sycamore Scalloped Oak Agapeta hamana Phlyctaenia coronata - apologies for the lack of focus One of the Scopariinae pyralids, probably Eudonia mercurella Acleris forsskaleana Least Carpet

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