New Moths Found on 3 July 2004

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Not a very warm night, but warm enough and the rain held off.  Hence a good crop of somewhere around 50 moths in the trap.  The bulk this time were Heart & Dart, Bright-line Brown-eye, Arches Agg (Dark or Light - difficult to tell) and Common Quakers.  There were also a few Dot Moths, Double Square-spots, The Flame and Common Footman plus a single Small Emerald and Pinion-streaked Snout.  The Scoparia Pyrallela were around again, and so we've included a rather better picture of one below.

The new and interesting ones are pictured below, most spectacular of which is the Buff Arches with it's zig-zaggy wing pattern.  Thanks to the good people on the bird forum moth ID list for identifying the Yellow Shell and the Short-cloaked Moth, both of which I think are really apt descriptive names.  The Varied Coronet looks awfully like a bird poo.

Buff Arches Detail of zig-zags on
                wing Barred Yellow The Clay Varied Coronet Yellow Shell - a very variable species apparently Scoparia pyralella Short-cloaked Moth

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