New Moths Found on 5 June 2005

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Not an especially good or bad night - OK temperature and a slight chance of rain.  Catch was good though and very specifically the Privet Hawk Moth chose to visit, which was a marvellous sight.  In fact, the catch was pretty similar to that on 6th June 2004 - good news.  So lots of Heart and Dart, plus several each of Bright-line Brown-eye, Flame Shoulder, Common Swift and Light Brocades, and a Large Nutmeg.  I've included some shots of the Buff Tip and Campion below 'cos they're just such pretty creatures, plus one of the Clouded Silver and the Common Quaker (first seen here and here respectively) as they are better than our previous pictures.

Others caught today:

Privet Hawk Moth Privet Hawk Moth Buff TipBuff Tip Campion Clouded Silver Common Quaker Common Marbled Carpet Shuttle-shaped Dart (Female) Green Pug Hedya of some sort Cabbage Moth Garden Carpet Pale Mottled WillowPale Mottled Willow again

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