New Moths Found on 11 July 2004

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Again, a bad night since it was cool, windy and it rained.  However, that didn't seem to make an enormous amount of difference in the variety of the catch this time, with more than 30 moths in the trap.  In the majority were Common Quakers, then Bright-line Brown-eye, with a few Heart & Dart and Arches Agg.  The Yellow Underwings have begun to appear - see below.  There was also a single Common Footman and a few Pinion-streaked Snouts.  Even though we've had one before, I've included the Swallow-Tailed Moth here since I managed to catch it's furry head rather nicely.

Most impressive on this occasion though was the Privet Hawk Moth.  We had caught one of these almost exactly a year ago in our second use of the moth trap, unfortunately a week before the digital camera arrived and hence we were unable to record it here.  The example we caught this time was rather tattered, but an impressive beast none the less.  The head-shot makes it look rather like a buffalo.  Thanks to J Duffie on the bird forum moth ID list for identifying the Lozotaeniodes formosanus, Bee Moth, Small Magpie and Uncertain (or it could be a Rustic - only genital examination tells them apart).  The other catches where the rather pretty Silver Y, Dun-bar and Common Wainscot.

Privet Hawk MothPrivet Hawk Moth's buffalo-like head Swallow-tailed Moth Swallow-tailed Moth's furry head Silver Y Silver Y showing the extremely tufted head Small Magpie Large Yellow UnderwingLarge Yellow Underwing (male) Large Yellow Underwing (female) Uncertain? (or maybe a Rustic of some form) Dun-bar Common Wainscot Lozotaeniodes formosanus Bee Moth (female)

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