New Moths Found on 14 May 2006

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The season has begun properly now. Around 20 moths in the trap, the bulk being Shuttle-shaped Dart, with only one Hebrew Characters and one Common Quaker.  The impressive newbie was the Mullein with its delta-shaped wings, its hawk-moth-like body and its impressive quiff and serrated back.  Other neat bodies came in the form of a  Spectacle (previously seen here), a Light Brocade (previously seen here, here and here), a Flame Shoulder (previously seen here) and a Garden Carpet (previously seen here).  Finally there were two pugs - a Mottled Pug (previously seen here) and a non-worn version of the Brindled Pug previously seen here.
The MulleinThe mullein with its quiffThe Mullein with the serrated backSpectacleLight BrocadeFlame ShoulderGarden CarpetMottled PugBrindled Pug

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