New Moths Found on 4 June 2006

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A beautifully sunny Saturday and some interest, though not an enormous quantity, in the trap.  The Heart & Darts have arrived, taking over from the now single Shuttle-shaped Dart as the major contributor to the population.  The number of Light Brocades was up as well and we gained a single Common Swift.

The newbies of interest are shown below.  First is the Buff Ermine, the yellower male with a lovely head of blonde hair (previously seen in the whiter female form here).  Then there's the Swallow Prominent, quite similar in shape to the Pebble Prominent we've seen before.  And finally there's the Figure of Eighty, not to be confused with the Figure of Eight.

Buff Ermine (male)Buff Ermine (male) head-shot Swallow ProminentSwallow ProminentFigure Of Eighty

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