New Moths Found on 11 June 2006

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In the heat-wave now.  Heart & Darts everywhere, a few Shuttle-shaped Darts, one Common Swift and a few Common Quakers.  New arrivals for this year that we've seen in previous years were an Udea Olivalis, a Bee Moth, a Straw Dot, a Shears, a few Treble Lines and a single member of an early brood of the Setaceous Hebrew Character.  We've seen it before, but since it's such a pretty tiny creature, here's a picture of one of a veritable infestation of Green Pugs.  The Buff Ermine (male again) also put in a repeat appearance.

Our two complete newbies were a quite large pair of Small Waved Umbers and a Rufous Minor.

Rufous Minor Small Waved Umber
Green Pug

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