New Moths Found on 28 August 2005

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We weren't expecting much from a late August catch, but a warm damp evening produced rather a good quantity in the trap dominated by a particularly fine selection of Orange Swifts (female and male) and Large Yellow Underwings.  Also new were a very distinctive Setaceous Hebrew Character (like the Hebrew Character, but with bold white triangular markings) a Square-spot Rustic and something that we have been blithely calling the Common Quaker but can't possibly be such if it's flying now so we'd guess is an Uncertain or possibly a Vine's Rustic (seen on UK moths here).  A new micro joined us in the form of the Garden Rose Tortrix, another excellent bird poo imitator.  Aside from these there were a number of Common Wainscot, plus second broods of Garden Carpet, Shuttle-shaped Dart and Flame Shoulder.
Orange Swift (female - larger and less brightly coloured than the male)Orange Swift (female again) Orange Swift (male) Setaceous Hebrew Character Uncertain or Vine's Rustic? Square-spot Rustic Garden Rose Tortrix

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