New Moths Found on 7 August 2005

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Not too much to say on this occasion.  Lesser Broad-boardered Yellow Underwings and Pinion-streaked Snouts were everywhere, otherwise there were one or two each of the standards in the form of Dark Arches, Riband Waves, Scoparia Pyrallela, Endotricha flammealis, Common Quakers, Least Carpet, Bright-line Brown-eyes, Common Rustics and a Scalloped Oak.

The unusual ones where a Brimstone Moth (previously seen here), a particularly fine example of Straw Underwing (previously seen here) and a really nicely feathery Stenoptilia/Platyptilia (other sorts of which we've seen here).

Brimstone MothStraw UnderwingStenoptilia/Platyptilia (a particularly feathery version)

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