New Moths Found on 18 June 2005

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The warmest night of the year so far - late twenties centigrade during the day, probably mid teens centigrade at night with a slight breeze, no clouds, clear moon.  Lovely.  About 40 moths in the trap and again the majority were Heart and Dart.  Others we've seen recently included a few Shuttle-shaped Darts and a Buff Tip.

Ones worth photographing included a few Shears (previously seen here) and an Udea olivalis (previously seen here).

The new catches were:

Our first Underwing of the year was in the trap but flew off before we could photograph it.

We put the trap out on the following evening as well and the catch was enormous.  Probably double the number of moths in the trap and as well as the above there were representatives of Burnished Brass, Common Swift, lots of Green Pugs, several Bright-line Brown-eyes, Stenoptilia/Platyptilia, Agapeta Hamana, Bee Moth, Brown Rustic, Light Brocade and Clouded Silver.

More new catches were:

Dagger (Grey or Dark) The Miller Blue-bordered Carpet Clepsis consimilana The Shears Udea olivalis  Straw Dot Dark ArchesDark Arches with its mohican showing Scorched WingGreen Oak TortrixLarge Fruit-tree Tortrix, male

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