New Moths Found on 23 July 2005

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A cool damp night, hence a small catch.  New in the trap was Celypha striana and a Chinese Character with its bizarrely unique bird-poo pose. Aside from that, we had one Poplar Hawk Moth and then a smattering of all the usual suspects for this time of year (Pinion-streaked Snouts, Common Quakers, Dot Moths, Bright-line Brown-eyes, Dark Arches, Riband Waves, Common Footman, Heart and Dart, Least Carpets, Scoparia Pyrallela, Shuttle-shaped Darts and Endotricha flammealis).  Worth photographing were a Small Emerald (previously seen here), another Peppered Moth (previously seen here) and a lovely purple Campion (previously seen here).
Celypha strianaChinese CharacterSmall EmeraldPeppered MothCampion

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