New Moths Found on 10 July 2005

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A good night with a typically large July catch.  Two more Elephant Hawk Moths, one with an interesting darker mark on its under-wing.  A particularly impressive newcomer was the Peppered Moth, marvellous the way its body is coloured to match its wings.  According to UK Moths "this species shows well the phenomenon of industrial melanism, where all-dark individuals became the dominant form in certain parts of northern England. Nowadays, the melanic form f. carbonaria is declining again in these areas".  Not a newcomer, but showing us its full splendour this time, with nicely splayed wings, was the Gold Triangle (previously seen here in its more triangular pose).

New this season were a large number of Dot Moths and a Scalloped Oak.  Also seen where the usual large number of Heart and Dart, lots of Bright-line Brown-eyes, Common Quakers, Shuttle-shaped DartsScoparia pyrallela, Pinion-streaked Snouts, some Light Brocades, Common Footmen, Light Arches and Large Yellow Underwings, then one each of Stenoptilia/Platyptilia, Burnished Brass, Endotricha flammealis, Riband Wave and Sycamore.  Worth photographing was a Swallow-tailed Moth (previously seen here) and a rather pretty Single-dotted Wave (thanks to Reader and Mocha for the ID confirmation).
Peppered MothGold TriangleElephant Hawk Moth, with dark patch on under-wingSwallow-tailed MothSingle-dotted Wave

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