New Moths Found on 18 June 2006

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Overnight the temperature didn't go much below 20 C.  Loads of stuff in the trap with Heart & Darts, Green Pugs, and a newcomer for the year, the Green Oak Tortrix (previously seen here), predominating.  Aside from that there were several examples each of Udea Olivalis, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Riband Wave (both with and without the dark band), Treble Brown SpotCommon Footman, Clouded Silver, Common Wainscot, Oak Beauty Agg, Pinion-streaked Snout, Scoparia pyrallela, Light Brocade and Clepsis consimilana

Others worth photographing even though we've seen them before were the Light Emerald (previously seen here), Large Fruit-tree Tortrix (previously seen here), Small Magpie (previously seen here), Buff Arches (previously seen here), Barred Yellow (previously seen here) and Bright-line Brown-eye (previously seen here).  We also had our first representative of the Large Yellow Underwing (previously seen here).

Finally, there were two micros - Celypha lacunana and Gypsonoma dealbana (thanks to tom tams for the ID).

Light EmeraldLarge Fruit-tree TortrixLarge Fruit-tree Tortrix Green Oak Tortrix Small Magpie Buff Arches Barred Yellow Bright-line Brown-eye Celypha lacunana Gypsonoma dealbana Large Yellow Underwing

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