New Moths Found on 25 June 2006

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At last, we've hit a mother lode of hawk moths.  The Green family from Guildford contacted us last week to ask for help identifying some moths they'd caught on their first trapping (using the moth trap design from this website).  They'd caught several hawk moths, amongst which was an Eyed Hawk Moth.  We were jealous, having never caught one ourselves, so you can see why were really pleased to capture our first ever Eyed Hawk Moth this weekend with beautiful flashy blue eyes on the rear wings.  To accompany it, we also caught one of our old favourites, the Poplar Hawk Moth (previously seen here).  Others worth photographing were:

Others in the trap included many Heart & Darts and Common Quakers, a few rather worn Green Pugs, two Oak Beauty Aggs, a few Light Brocades, plus one each of Green Oak Tortrix, Udea Olivalis, Small Magpie, Riband Wave, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Common Footman, Bright-line Brown-eye and Scoparia pyrallela

Eyed Hawk MothEyed Hawk MothEyed Hawk Moth
Poplar Hawk MothPoplar Hawk Moth
Burnished BrassBurnished BrassDaggerLarge NutmegMarbled Minor Agg (probably tawny, given the orangey bits, but missing its white bits)
Stenoptilia/PlatyptiliaStenoptilia/PlatyptiliaCarcina quercana

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