New Moths Found on 30 June 2006

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Two days ago we had a phone call from Susan & Paul Williams in South Ockenden, Essex, who had found a very large moth in their garden, found us on the web, and wanted a hand with the identification.  It was pretty clear from the first photo they showed us that it was a Privet Hawk Moth and, lo and behold, in our trap last night we caught one ourselves (previous sighting here).  To keep up the hawk moth theme, the next finding in the trap was a beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth (previously seen here). Finally, the other always impressive creature was the Buff Tip (previously photographed here). We managed to get some quite good photographs of these creatures and so have included them in their fullest size below.

Others worth photographing were:

Others in the trap were numerous Heart & Darts and Common Quakers, some worn Green Pugs, several Udea Olivalis, some Light Brocades, Riband Waves, Shuttle-shaped Darts, Common Footmen, Bright-line Brown-eyes and Scoparia pyrallela, plus one each of the Swallow-tailed Moth, Oak Beauty Agg, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix and Flame Shoulder.

Privet Hawk Moth
Privet Hawk MothPrivet Hawk Moth Elephant Hawk Moth
Buff Tip
Buff TipBuff Tip
Peppered Moth, the darker form
The ClayDot MothMarbled Minor Agg

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