New Moths Found on 9 July 2006

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A hot day, but a cooler night with light rain and a strong breeze.  Trap was still pretty full though and included not one but two Privet Hawk-moths.

Those worth photographing were:

Others in the trap were:

Fan Foot Clouded Border Large Yellow Underwing - a very light form

Finally, there was a wasp in the trap, one of the perfectly normal household kind, which insisted on attacking the moths.  It was quite persistent, coming back to find more when it had finished playing with one.  Having asked the good folk at Bird Forum in the Butterflies and Moths forum about this, Harry Eales said  "the answer's quite simple: wasps will kill and eat moths, especially the wasps of the genus Vespa. Some will cut up the moths and carry small pieces back to the nest. Moths are protein".  Yuk, or Nature At Work, depending on your frame of mind.

A household wasp attacking one of the moths in the trap.

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