Moths Found in South Wales on 6 August 2006

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We went visiting in South Wales, Ystrad Mynach (12 miles north of Cardiff), and took the moth trap with us.  A hot weekend again, with particularly hot nights.  The catches were enormous on both nights and included beetles and wasps as well as moths: probably the difference between barely farmed Welsh valley-sides and intensively arable-farmed, insecticide-ridden, Essex. Amongst the moths were samples of our favourite monsters - the Elephant Hawk-moth and a second brood of the Poplar Hawk-moth.  Thanks to Surreybirder and black52bird for help with the IDs.

The many worth photographing in the trap were:

The remainder in the trap were:

Blood-vein Pebble Hook-tip Antler Moth Peach Blossom Gold Spot Dusky Thorn Dusky Thorn in its more natural resting position Nut-tree Tussock Lychnis Satin Lutestring Rosy Rustic Strawberry Tortrix (apologies for the blurred picture) Dingy Footman Lesser Swallow Prominent Iron Prominent Pebble Prominent, a lighter version Brimstone Moth Dwarf Cream Wave

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